Erica Carroll is a GIANT SWEETHEART


Erica Carroll is a GIANT SWEETHEART


the most heartbreaking/heartwarming part of dallascon was finding this in the impala outside.


the most heartbreaking/heartwarming part of dallascon was finding this in the impala outside.

We don’t.


What an amazing night. I had no idea when I woke up I’d be meeting almost the entire cast of Supernatural. I’ll post more about it when I wake up from this dream I must me dreaming.

What Harry Potter house do you think Misha would be in?





That’s a super tough question.

He’s brave and stubborn, like a Gryffindor.

He’s smart and witty, like a Ravenclaw.

He’s friendly and kind, like a Hufflepuff.

And he’s ambitious and devious, like a Slytherin.

The Sorting Hat is going to spend a long time on this one.

I agree with all of these points… which I’m pretty sure means that by HP universe rules, the predominant character trait and/or the one valued highest by the person actually being sorted is going to determine which house they ultimately end up in. In which case I’m gonna go with Hufflepuff.

Ah, but question is what house would 11-year-old Misha want, not grown-man Misha. So what was Misha like at 11? What did he value?

  • "I was fat when I was little [….] I weighed the same when I was eleven as I did when I started college. […] and I wore plaid polyester pants with plastic boots. […] I got beat up some, but I don’t think it was terribly satisfying for anyone." (source)
  • "the kind of stuff I used to do to my Mom was just terrible. I was a horrible, horrible son.” (source)
  • "We were on welfare and very poor for some time and we were homeless for a while. When I was eleven, we were taken in by [friends who let us live on their] farm for several months. They were unbelievably generous with us. They gave us essentially room and board for months because they knew we didn’t have a place to go, and they enabled us to feel like we weren’t a burden there, by allowing me to work on the farm and to earn my keep. Of course at eleven, I was completely useless and probably more in the way than anything, but it was just like an extension of their kind act to allow me to think that I wasn’t a burden there, and so I would go out in the field and transplant leeks and rake hay into rows and things like that." (source)
  • "I didn’t really quite fit into any groups. I  wasn’t a stoner. I tried repeatedly to smoke pot and enjoy it and failed every time. I was kind of geeky but wasn’t a nerd, because nerds do extremely well in school, and that wasn’t my style." (source)
  • "I had planned to be a senator when I grew up. […] I was going to go to law school and be a contributing member of society and I’ve given all that up." (source)

  • "Nuclear holocaust was a big [fear] for me. My mom was very sort of politically active, and we were always going to like nuclear freezone protests, and she wanted me to stay educated about it, so she was always talking about the prospect of nuclear obliteration. And it really started to freak me out. For some reason, when I was growing up, bright sunny days, with beautiful weather, I was horrified. Like, I would go into depressive spells. Like, “This is all going to be completely gone when we all go up in a ball of fire.” So that was a big one for me. I used to have nightmares constantly." (source)
  • " my younger brother, we grew up in Massachusetts. My parents split up when I was three and my mom moved across the state, a hundred miles away from my dad, and every other weekend we would go visit him on the bus. We would take the Englander bus line and go see my dad. It was a long bus ride, three hours. […] And as we got older, on the return trip my dad would give us the money for the bus, and we’d be like, dad we’ll take the train and the bus, you relax, and then we’d just go down to the interstate I-90 […] and we’d hitchhike home, and have pocket money. We started doing that when I was like eleven and he was nine. Anyway, seriously though, hot tip: as an adult, I have tried to hitchhike a few times, I’ve had some weird and unpleasant experiences. As a child, any kids in the audience: if you’re a kid hitchhiking it is a cinch. Everybody will pick up a kid with his thumb up on the side of the interstate. So just keep that in mind." (source)

I think, given Misha’s ambition and cunning, that he fits into Slytherin more than any other house.  I also think that he wouldn’t want to be in Slytherin (and with his family background, he’d hardly fit in), and that he’d request Gryffindor because, you know, it looks better on a resume than Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

Vicki would definitely be a Gryffindor. In fact, she has a lot of Hermione-like traits.

Also, I love that we’re having this conversation.

This is an excellent point; I was totally considering present-day Misha rather than the 11-year-old version.* And I do agree he would have been much more likely to be sorted (but indeed probably not ultimately end up) in Slytherin.

And oh my god, Vicki is such a Gryffindor it’s not even funny.

*This is actually a really interesting point in general; I never took an “official” sorting test until I was already in my 20s, at which point I agreed with its Hufflepuff assessment and have therefore always identified as such. But 11-year-old me would so have been a Ravenclaw, actually.

I wish I could be as excited as you are about canon destiel, but every time someone gives a reason for why they are so positive, they always add, "Unless there is interference from the network or the actors, it's going to happen" and that always causes me to see Jensen standing there in front of the writers, arm crossed, with a huge stop sign in glowing red letters refusing to let destiel be canon. I just don't share the confidence people have in Jensen to let the writers tell this story.


What I said was, “And if they have the space, budget, actor participation, and network support to make this story happen….”

I was merely making a point about queerbaiting, in which there has to be a deliberate intention to mislead. I firmly believe that canon Destiel is part of the story we’re being told by the writers, while allowing for the fact that network television is a complicated thing. If they say, “We were going to make Destiel canon but then XYZ happened and it was out of our control,” then it’s still not queerbaiting because their intentions were to canonize it before XYZ happened.

And no, I don’t think Jensen Ackles would stand in the way of Destiel. He’s got a terrible reputation when it comes to this, but it’s largely undeserved. There are only so many nice, considerate, fan-sensitive ways you can say, “Dean and Cas share a profound bond but I can’t tell you anything about where we’re going with that specifically because if I out Dean as bisexual and in love with Cas during a convention I will probably get fired,” before you just start to repeat yourself. 

That would be a major spoiler along the lines of Jennifer Aniston saying in an interview during the height of the Friends craze, “Oh, by the way, Rachel is still in love with Ross and we just filmed a great little scene where she gets off the plane to France so she can stay with him.” It’s not gonna happen. The only way we’re ever going to get confirmation of Destiel is from the actual show, nobody is allowed to confirm it at a convention. It takes the shine off it, especially when such a large part of the fanbase is invested in seeing it happen.

Misha Collins doesn’t get nearly the amount of shit Jensen does for avoidance of Destiel questions, and he’s the guy who intentionally misunderstood a fan question about “canon” and made jokes about being aerodynamic. He’s just better at it. He’s better at avoiding and misinterpreting and giving non-answers. But even Misha still has moments where he has to search for exactly the right word that confirms nothing and yet isn’t a lie. 

When you take the fans who think they deserve confirmation because they have no idea how network TV works (the concept of a will-they-or-won’t-they viewerbait relationship is not new or difficult to understand, people), and you put those fans in a room with a guy who has to confirm nothing in order to keep his bosses happy but isn’t really good at public speaking, you get the fandom-wide interpretation that Jensen Ackles hates Destiel.

May I remind you that he’s already played a character who has a sexual relationship with his male best friend in Blonde? Clearly he has no personal moral qualms about the concept. Jesus Christ people, if you want proof that he knows Destiel is a thing and doesn’t hate it, watch the show

Watch Dean interact with John, watch Dean cradle Sam’s dying body and scream his name, watch that beautiful emotional breakdown in the season two finale, and then tell me that Jensen Ackles is not an Oscar-quality actor who knows how to tell a story and has a deeply-felt love for the character of Dean Winchester.

Look at how present he always is in a scene. Even if he has no lines, he’s always inhabiting Dean, and he knows why Dean does everything he does. This is the guy who offhandedly headcanoned that Dean probably turned tricks to feed Sam, a fact that will never be disclosed in the show but indicates that he knows way more about Dean’s internal life than is portrayed onscreen. 

And then try to tell me that all the Dean/Cas scenes were accidental, or not played that way, or that every bi!Dean moment outside of Cas was an accident. Tripping over a table as he blustered out the door because a cute guy hit on Dean was an accident? 

Jensen Ackles actively plays Dean as a repressed effemiphobe who draws strength from displays of traditional manhood, and has walked us through nine full seasons of that armor being stripped away to reveal the actual Dean. He’s the one responsible for every time Dean silently eye-fucks Cas, the awkward badge-slide of “Oh god this cute boy is hitting on me,” the quality of Dean’s voice every time he tells Cas he needs him.

Maybe he didn’t play it that way in say, seasons 4 and 5, but we are in season 10, folks. He’s talked to Misha, talked to the writers, talked to fans, and is still playing the Dean and Cas relationship with as much electricity as Cas’ first appearance. On purpose.

I mean, obviously I don’t know him personally and have no outside confirmation of any of these claims. But I know when I’m being told a quality story by a quality actor. The fact that he kinda sucks at public speaking doesn’t change that. 

When he gets the script that includes the stage direction “Dean and Castiel kiss,” he will not be surprised. He is the main caretaker and cultivator, and the biggest fan and protector, of the character of Dean Winchester.


top 5 spn ladies as voted by you | 4th place | Naomi


Felicia Day attends the ‘Supernatural’ 200th episode celebration at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel on October 18, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada

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